Aiming to be Green

Appreciating and protecting the Earth for future generations….


Welcome to ‘Aiming to be Green’

As the title suggests, this blog is all about trying, or aiming, to live in a Green way.  My big passion is wildlife, in particular British wildlife and as a parent to a young child I want these wonders to be around for my children when they grow up.  I believe we can all take little steps to live in a Green way that won’t impact our lives too much but will make dramatic differences to the future world.

I post about a number of Green related topics which can be found here:

British Wildlife

I spend time teaching  at my local nature reserve and so am fortunate to work with young schoolchildren and wildlife at the same time.  Here you will find educational features on British Wildlife.  I also have a weekly Friday Feature where I link to other wildlife blogs ‘Fabulous Friday‘.

British Wildlife Fabulous Friday


KODAK Digital Still Camera

I’m an amateur photographer trying to work out how to capture the creatures I see….any tips would be appreciated!

Green lifestyle

I’m not an expert and I don’t want to be a preacher but there are some really easy things we can all do.  Reusing plastic bags, reducing the amount of chemicals etc.  I try to only include realistic changes we can easily make

Green Politics

This isn’t a political blog, but I am an active member of the Green Party so from time to time I will focus on their work and policies.  If you don’t agree then please comment, I’m all for active debate!


Occasionally I write about other random topics too, mental health, blogging, general life.  To help you find the posts I have a tag cloud and category list.  If you have any questions, then please contact me, I will always respond.

You can also find me on twitter (@aimingtobegreen)

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